Olympus iPhone Dictation App

To complement the current range of digital dictation systems, including the dedicated Dictaphone, a new breed of mobile voice recording applications has hit the market place. With the increasing availability of high speed Internet connectivity, it is now possible to dictate on the move and to send the recordings directly to the Transcriptionist without returning to the office.

Dictating solutions can help with:

  • Product selection: From cost to functionality, not all of the offerings available are appropriate for every client. With many years experience in this field, we can advise the best solution for your needs.
  • Installation: Each ‘App’ has varying levels of complexity when it comes to setup. More importantly however is the correct setup of the Transcription software (e.g Olympus ODMS and DSS Pro) to accept the dictation via e-mail or FTP.
  • Training: We can provide office based ‘one on one’ user training on how to get the best use of each application.
  • Support: We can incorporate product assistance as part of our general support packages.


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Hugo Dictation / Olympus Mobile Phone App

The missing piece to your dictation solution!

Hugo Dictation from RHSG Software is the first iPhone based dictation solution, as tested by our in house engineers, that truly integrates with the Olympus ODMS Transcription suite.

An often remark from our customers is: “there are hundreds of dictation iPhone Apps available, can I use one of them to send dictation into the office whist traveling, on vacation or from home?”

Until now the answer has always been, “Yes….. but……”

The problem we have found historically is that whilst these ‘Apps’ allow you to record and send voice files, the transcriptionist is unable to integrate the received files into Olympus workflow process.

This is where Hugo Dictation stands out by having the option to send Author Id, Worktype, Priority and Comments along with the audio voice recording.

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Official Olympus Dictation App (Coming Soon – Android, I-phone)

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