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Olympus Directrec II Microphone Series Review

Directly replacing the DR-1000 and DR-2000, Olympus have gone back to the drawing board to produce the new versions of their handheld DirectRec series USB microphones, the Olympus DR-2100, Olympus DR-2200 and the DR-2300. The Direct Series II, as they are collectively known, are designed for users that only require dictation from the desktop as opposed to standard portable dictation units such as the D3-3500 and DS-7000 models. Together with the popular ODMS transcription software the Olympus DirectRec series allows for dictation directly to the users computer / laptop with full support for commands such as playback control, insert and overwrite.

Tethered Microphones in general are now a bit “old hat”, however with the new designs encompassing higher quality microphones and better ergonomics, there is still a place in the professional digital dictation market. The real win...

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Olympus DS7000 Product Review

Manufactured by Olympus, and directly replacing the popular DS5000, the Olympus DS7000 is at the top end of professional-orinated digital voice recorders.  Aimed at the professional market place, the device accommodates for the more demanding digital dictation requirements such as workflow integration, encryption and recording quality. The shipped package comes complete with a docking station, for the purpose downloading recording and recharging the handset, and a fully licenced version of the ODMS Software.

Olympus DS7000 Features

  • Slider recording controls
  • Larger Colour LCD screen
  • Pin number based device security
  • 128/256-bit encryption
  • New Lithium Battery
  • Easy access function buttons
  • Shipped with a 2GB SD card (Upto 32GB)
  • Onboard Speaker (300Mw)


Very similar to the DS-5000, the DS7000 looks very smart in black. With a much larger full colour LCD screen and intuitive button layout it really ticks the boxes.


A 4-position slide switch is...

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