Speech Recognition – It’s Time To Move On?

This article was automatically transcribed using Dragon speech recognition.

Today’s NHS trusts are all being put under massive pressure to improve efficiency and cut costs. The directors and managers within every hospital have to consider and look for ways of reaching their targets. It’s a very tough balance to spend money on improving services and cutting budgets to save money. One thing that all hospitals have in common is their production of documents and correspondence from the doctor to the patient. For several decades this process has been handled by a doctor dictating a letter onto a tape and then passing this to the secretary. Digital dictation and speech recognition are two solutions which can dramatically improve the efficiency of this process. The benefits being that once a patient has been to a hospital and had an assessment, their GP and themselves will be notified sooner and ultimately patient waiting times are reduced. Generally speaking it is now very common to find speech...
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Digital Dictation (Voice Recorder) Buying Guide

Due to the lack of availability of the analogue or tape based dictation machines, many of our customers are now turning to us to advise them on the Digital Dictation range of products, they are finding that they are more cost effective than they originally may have thought and also that they now reach a much larger audience, no longer are they the primary use of Solicitors or Doctors but are just as likely to be used by students in lectures using the popular DSS dictation format or ODMS software at a much more cost effective price. Unfortunately there are not many companies who will tell you what the benefits of Digital Dictation are; therefore we hope that brief guide will give you an overview of the benefits of moving to Digital Dictation over and above the tape based dictation systems used historically.  

Below are a few of the benefits in...

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Speech Recognition Software Guide

With many uses, ranging from automatic telephone processing to controlling household equipment, voice recognition is now at the forefront of modern technology solutions. Commonly known as “Speech to text”, Speech Recognition (SR) technology is able to the convert the audible sounds produced when talking into a written form. Extremely popular in the Medical, Legal and Media sectors, companies such as Nuance and their range of software including Dragon Professional, are making significant progress in making this once unreliable technology a real “must have” business tool.

Front-End speech recognition

Typically a user directly speaks into a USB recording device such as an Olympus Directmic DR-2200 or Phillips Speachmike Pro, with transcription taking place in real time into the users chosen software application. In front-end recognition, the Dictator can amend the output of the transcription and is often responsible for the final quality control.

Back-End speech recognition

Often used in conjunction with...
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